Thể Loại Phim - Movie Types

Thể Loại Phim - Movie Types

Action - Hành động

Drama -Truyền hình

Comedy - Hài

Romantic - lãng mạn

Horror - Kinh dị

Science fiction - Khoa học viễn tưởng

Suspense (Thriller) - Li kì, hồi hộp

- TUYET: - what kind of movie do you like?

(“kind of” loại bạn thích loại phim nào)

- SOAICA: -I like cartoon films the most, especially the ones made by Disney and Pixar.

-Besides, I am interested in watching American action movies and Korean drama

To be interested in + N/V-ing: quan tâm đến cái gì đó

(=enjoy, be fond of, like, indulge in, keen on)

- TUYET: -I heard Titanic is playing at the movie theatre. Do you want to go with me to watch?

-SOAICA: -No, thanks. I have watched that movie many times before.

- Have fun watching the movie. (have fun - vui vẽ )

- You may invite other friends to go with you.

(Past Participle: have + watched (REGULAR verb and ending with "ed")

NOTE: when you want to mention a thing that you do many times until now, you use the present perfect tense. my sentence above is an example for this usage)

TUYET: what about Science Fiction, I’ve heard that’s a good movie

SOAICA: Yes, I love that kind of film also.

we often use “Kind Of “ to say something general, not specific. or we do not

want to say directly.

EG: He is a kind of funny = He is quite funny “Anh ấy khá thú vị”. it is used

as an ADV so it is followed by an ADJ


All kinds of has 2 meanings:

first, kind = type = sort : Loại

secondly, all kinds of = much, plenty of

Eg: There is no need for you to leave early because you still have all kinds of time to

get there.

-That film enable me to develop my imagination about the universe and human life in

the future.

I have a special passion for a kind od mythological and fantasy films

like Harry Potter or Fairy Tales.

Tuyet : Horror movies are not scary anymore. I will recommend action movie

SOAICA: Action movies are my favorite.

Tuyet : Tôi có thể tới đón bạn không ?

Will i come and pick you up? (pick someone up - đón ai đó)

SOAICA: Mấy giờ?

What time?

Tuyet : Is 7:00 PM ok? (lên lớp FeasiBLE English kaka)

SOAICA : Được, như vậy tốt rồi. Tôi sẽ đón bạn lúc 7:00 giờ chiều.

Yes, that’ll be fine. I’ll pick you up at 7:00 PM

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