30 cách nói “Hello” trong tiếng Anh

30 cách nói “Hello” trong tiếng Anh
1. Hi there.
2. Howdy.
3. Greetings.
4. Hey, What's up?
5. Good Morning/afternoon/evening.
6. What's going on?
7. How's everything? 
8. Long time no see!
9. How have you been?
10. Nice to see you.
11. What have you been up to?
12.  What’s new?
13. What’s happening
14. How’s it going?
15. Hey, boo
16. How are you?
17. Long time no see
18. How have you been? 
19. What's up?
20. Oh my god! It's you!
21. Wow, it's good to see you!
22. I'm pleased to meet you.
23. It's a pleasure to meet you.
24. How are you doing today?
25. What have you been up to?
26. How are you feeling today?
27. Look what the cat dragged in!
28. Good afternoon, sir, how are you today?
29. Look who it is!
30. What’s the good word?

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