Luyện phát âm 1

Đây là những bài viết được sưu tập trên các website và youtube. (cảm ơn các tác giả của bài viết)


Tập1: Business English: Talking with a co-worker.


Excuse me, Ms. Peterson. May I ask you a question about the Larsen account? 
Sure, Mr. Powell. How can I help? 
Well, do you know if the boss wants us to finish the proposal with a lot of details,
or does he want a sketch of a basic plan of action for their marketing campaign? 

Well, I know the Larsen company is still looking at other advertising agencies. 
So I think we should put our best foot forward and give a lot of details.
Show them what we do. 

Right, ok, we want to be in the running for future business with them. 
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Make a good proposal and sell it. 
Yes, you're right. I need to focus on first things first. 
Would it be okay if I run my proposal by you when I finish? 
Sure, I would be glad to give you my two cents. 
Great! Thank you, I look forward to your help. 
You're welcome, no problem at all!


Tập 2: Explore Portugal’s Castle of Many Colors
Japan's Hashima island has a foreboding presence. 
You might recognize it. 
This completely uninhabited island played home to
the villain in James Bond's Skyfall.
Once a booming coal mining operation that ended in the 1970s, 

access is strictly limited,
but coming here is like stepping into a time capsule.


Tập 3: Browse Germany’s ‘Parthenon’ of Banned Books


Germany, for a limited time only, 
there is a replica of the Greek structure,

The Parthenon, and it's made with over 100,000 banned books.
The 'Parthenon of Books' 

is an installation that is part of The Document of 14 art show.
The exhibit is from South American artist, Martin Minujín.
Her aim is to spark a debate about the issues of censorship in literature.
To achieve that, she has collected over
a hundred thousand copies of 170 different books that have been banned throughout
the world through various stages of history.
The books include everything from Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer to Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl.
It is not a coincidence that The Parthenon of Books is located in this German park as it was here that Nazi's burned over
2,000 books by Jewish or Marxist writers in the early 1930s.
The books for this project were donated by the general public. And once the installation is complete,
they will be handed out to visitors with the hope of inspiring readers for years to come.







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