Do you like sports?
Do you often watch sports on TV?
How often do you play sports?
How often do you exercise?
Do you like to exercise?
What is the most popular sport in your country?
Do you prefer watching or playing sports?
how can you keep fit?
Do you like swimming?
Should everyone learn swimming? Why?
Why do people enjoy doing sports more often?
What is the national sport in Vietnam?
Do you prefer playing or watching sports?
Do you think it is difficult to learn a new sport?
What sports do children prefer?
How many hours of sport a week should we do every day?
Would you like to be a professional sportsman or sportswoman?
Where is the best place to play sports?
Do you prefer playing team sports or individual sports?
What extreme sports do you know?
Do you like learning Kung Fu?
What benefits can you get from playing sports?
What kind of sport do you prefer?
What types of sports are popular in your country?
Describe the sports you do with your friends or family members.
Describe a game or sports you often play.
Do you like to do daily exercise?
Do you think it is important to play a sport?
Which sport is the best for people?
What activities would you do if we have free time?
Do people in your country like doing water sports?
What sports are most popular in your country?
What sport would you like to try in the future?
Talk about the sports you enjoy doing at home.
How can we encourage children to participate in different types of sporting activities?
Are people in your country crazy about sports?
When did you start playing sports?
What sports do you think are the best?

Would you like to learn how to play a sport? What would you like to learn?

Do you play any sports these days? If not, how do you get exercise?

Is it easy to take part in a sport in your country?

Do you think that kickboxing is a true sport?

Are there any sports you can’t stand to see on TV? 

What do you think is the most dangerous sport?

Do you want to become an athlete?

Do you think that you can make money from playing sports?

Can I earn money by playing sports?

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