Tự học tiếng anh mỗi ngày một cấu trúc – both – either or – neither nor (31)


Both, neither ... nor, either ... or

1. Both
- I like both dinosaurs and crocodiles 

(noun and noun)

- I feel both happy and sad.

(adjective and adjective)

- I am both tired and sleepy
(adjective and adjective)

2. either ... or
- Which is your choice? "either you sing or you dance"

- I want to buy either a car or a motorbike.
(clause and clause)

3. neither ... nor
- I want to buy neither a car nor a motorbike.

- I don't want to buy either a car or a motorbike.

- I don't buy this car and that motorbike.

- I buy neither this car nor that motorbike.

- Most women like neither booze nor beer.

- Most women don't like booze and beer.



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