Luyện Phát Âm 4

Đây là những bài viết được sưu tập trên các website và YouTube. (cảm ơn các tác giả của bài viết)

Bài 4 “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury

Earth has been destroyed by war and no one lives on it anymore. 
The robots and the machines continue
to function and serve human beings who have long ago died.
What Is Great About It:
The title is taken from a poem that describes
how nature will continue its work long after humanity is gone.
But in this story, we see that nature plays a supporting role
and the machines are the ones who have taken its place.
They continue their work without any human or natural assistance.
This shows how technology has replaced nature in our lives
and how it can both destroy us and carry on without humanity itself.

Bài 5 “Orientation” by Daniel Orozco

This is a humorous story where the speaker explains the office policies, 
as well as gossip about the staff, to a new employee.
It is extremely easy to read as the sentences
are short and without any overly difficult words.
Many working English learners will relate to
it as it explains the absurdities of modern office life
and how so little of it makes sense.
What Is Great About It:
Modern workplaces often feel like theaters where we pretend to work rather
than get actual work done.
The speaker exposes this reality that nobody will ever admit to.
He over-explains everything from the view out the office window
to the intimate details of everyone’s life
from the overweight loner to the secret serial killer.

It talks about the things that go unsaid;
how people at the office know about the deep secrets of our home life,
but do not talk about it. Instead,
the secrets become just blend into the office environment,
like a potted plant that is seen but does not stand out.

The speaker accomplishes this by discussing the details of the tragic death
of a coworker’s wife in the same unwavering,
mundane (normal) tone as he discusses the details of the copier and office refrigerator.
This absurd balance manages to make the story both light and deep at the same time.

Bài 6: “Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu

Jack’s mother can make paper animals come to life. 
In the beginning, Jack loves them and spends hours with his mom.
But as soon as he grows up he stops talking to her since she is unable to converse in English.

When his mother tries to talk to him through her creations,
he kills them and collects them in a box. After a tragic loss,
he finally gets to know her story through a hidden message which
he should have read a long time ago.

What Is Great About It: The story is a simple narration that touches on complex issues.
It is about leaving your own country with the promise of a better life.

It is also about the conflicts that can occur between families when different cultures and languages collide.
In this case, the tension is so high that it destroys the bond
between a mother and her son.
It also has a moving message about never taking your loved ones for granted.






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