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Hướng Dẫn Thực Hành.

Bước 1: xem video, đọc bài đọc, tập phát âm và học từ vựng trong video.

Bước 2: Sau đó đăng lên nhóm này ạ :

(nếu ai tự tin thì quay cả khuôn mặt, còn nếu không tự tin thì quay văn bản của mình đang đọc, hoặc là quay nữa mặt)

TOPIC: What will you do today?  (Bài Viết Của Bel Nguyen)

Bel: How are you.
Rose: I am in a good mood, how about you?

Bel: I'm fine, thank you. Do you have any plans for today?

Rose: I am planning to go out with my friends today. Before going out, I think I need to do some household chores.

Bel: It's going to be a busy day, Tell me, what to do, I will help you.
Rose: I need to do laundry, take out the trash, tidy up my room, feed my pets, do the dishes and prepare food for cooking. Thank You, but I can do it by my myself.

Bel: It sounds like You're really busy, what time will you go out with your friends?
Rose: Well, I am not sure. But maybe, in the afternoon, at 6 p.m.

Bel: What will you do when you go out?
Rose: I will go fishing with my friends, So then we will have a barbecue. Because I like to eat fish.

Bel: It will be a nice day!.
Rose: Yes, I am very excited to go fishing. Do you want to go with us?

Bel: Yes, of course. Thank you for your invitation.

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