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TOPIC: My Father  (Bài Viết Của Bel Nguyen)

Today I am going to talk about my Father.
He is the most important person in my life.
His name is Adam, He is working as a barber.

Physically, He has big muscles and a six-pack.
He is 167 centimeters tall, He is chubby.
My dad is heavier than me, and He weighs 52 kilos.
He likes playing football and playing badminton.

Personality, My father is serious, courteous and righteous.
Sometimes He is very strict.

He always gives me good advice.
Specifically, My father always encourages me to play sports and read books.

Because He wants me to stay healthy and improve my knowledge.
For that Reason, I always take his advice.

In my mind, He is not only my dad but also my teacher and my friend.
I do love my Father.

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